From conceptualizing designs to helping sell the finished products, Campus Customs offers a wide variety of services that helps our clients streamline and fulfill their merchandising projects in highly effective ways. Check out the stages of our services below…



shirt design on computerAt Campus Customs, we want to help you recognize your vision and bring it to life in the best way it can be. This means that we don’t just print your ideas, we also help you design them with our experienced team of in-house designers.


Our design team is incredibly talented, and has worked with our clients to create hundreds of unique and customized designs that demonstrate the client’s message and personality. From conceptualization until the final product, our design team can help our clients make the most of their promotional materials.




string spools on machineOur production facility is filled with state-of-the-art screen printing machines that can produce custom orders in massive amounts. We help clients throughout Connecticut and across the country realize their promotional product needs through screen printing and embroidery production.


Through Campus Customs, our clients are able to take advantage of a professional manufacturing line that can produce a high volume of product in a short amount of time, regardless of what process they want their promotional product to be created through.



clothing store interiorNot only can we help you design and create your products, but we are able to follow you through to the end and actually can help you sell your products! That’s right. We can help you set up your very own online store, through which you can sell your merchandise.


From setting up the e-commerce website, to designing your templates, to fulfillment, and even to hiring the right people to manage the site, Campus Customs works with many of our clients to give them an avenue to sell their products. This helps us create a symbiotic relationship with our clients, because we do well when they do well.


Professional Printing, Done Right


Campus Customs has been in the promotional materials business for over 40 years. Through that 40 years, we’ve learned how to hone our services and our professionalism to deliver our clients customized products that they are proud to put their name on. Our in-house facilities and services means that we have control over each stage in the process, and can guarantee that all of our work meets our high standards.


If you or someone you know needs to see how our team can help you realize your merchandising needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us, today! Also, click here to see our available products.



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